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Aura Soma® Consultation
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 Energy Work (such as Reiki)

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About Energy Work

What is energywork? This is a general term for a collection of healing modalities that use positive energy to promote healing in your body, heart, mind and spirit.
Energy work is that which the words imply: a therapy through energy work that initiates healing and well-being. Suited well for persons who are depressed, fatigued, anxious or simply unhappy with life, energy work is also a method of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.
Energy work, consists of balancing the chakras within the body. By clearing and/or opening the chakras within the human anatomy, individuals are empowered with vibrational balance and harmony; thus, encouraging overall well-being -- mind, body and soul.

The principle behind energy work is that universal energies surround us and are available to us for alteration purposes. Energy work is a therpeutic method of deep purification that releases old traumas and fears that limit our natural healing capabilities. Through the process of energy work, our chakras open and relinquish heavy energy blockages. By means of energy work, an individual gains mind clarity, understanding, and hightened awareness.

In an energy work session, a practitioner channels the energy through the client to aid the individual in flow balance. Using one or more techniques, the energy work practitioner will sometimes sound or pray silently during the session. Energy work sessions facilitate methods like meditation, reiki, and other chakra balancing therapies to help the client in the healing process.

In energywork, we don't use the word "cure" because we recognize that the recipient is the person doing the healing, and that the energyworker is passing through healing energy to assist them to raise their frequencies, but the recipient receives the energy and uses it to heal themselves.

This positive energy then helps the client release blockages and then flows new positive energy into the areas where energy was released to charge, balance and harmonize the client so that they feel good after a session.









AURA-SOMA Colour Care System

Unmask your true colours
with Aura-Soma

Aura-Soma is an exciting colour system. It helps you access the knowledge of colour that has been with us from the beginning of time. Once you Reawaken this information you can then, by applying the living energies of nature, Restore your wellbeing and Realise your true potential.



By using Aura-Soma you can:-


  • Feel more relaxed
  • Rediscover your enthusiasm for life
  • Improve your relationships
  • Learn to appreciate yourself
  • Expand your talents and feel more confident
  • Discover new tools to meet life's challenges
  • Bring more love into your life
  • Rebalance and revitalise your energy
  • Transform your life
  • Access your inner self and your intuition.



Aura-Soma can offer you opportunities that you never believed possible. It can dramatically change your life!

Just as the Sun rises and brings colour warmth and light to the world, so too can the colours of Aura-Soma. It lights the way on your pathway to self-discovery.



The Aura-Soma Consultation
The jewels in the Aura-Soma system are the Equilibrium bottles. A magic combination of vibrant colours, blended with the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems and crystals. By simply making a selection of 4 Equilibrium bottles from the brilliant range of over 100 coloured bottles, you are handed the key that opens the door to self-discovery.

Here is where your practitioner plays a very important role. With care and support, they guide you to become consciously aware of your potential and issues from your inner self. Your strengths, talents, unique gifts, worries or health concerns can all be accessed. Then by applying the living energies of your selected bottle to the appropriate energy centres, you have the opportunity to Restore energy, bring Balance to the emotional, mental and spiritual levels and move along the pathway of self-discovery towards well being.

Aura-Soma is a form of color therapy, energy work and "soul therapy" that supports you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
The Aura-Soma consultation is well suited for people who are at a crossroads, want to invite change or bring a new focus to their life, or are open to exploring themselves on a deeper level.
The idea behind Aura-Soma is "you are the colors you choose." For an Aura-Soma consultation, you choose four bottles of colored liquids -- most of them a combination of two different colors -- from a startlingly beautiful display of 107 bottles.
The bottles you choose are interpreted by a registered Aura-Soma consultant, who gives you a deeper understanding of your potential, your challenges and gifts, what's coming into your life in the present and what's coming in the future.
Who Invented Aura-Soma?
Aura-Soma was created in 1984 by an Englishwoman named Vicky Wall, whose father was a master of Kabbala and taught her about the healing qualities of various plants. She became blind as an adult but one night, at the age of 66, she began creating the first bottles. She had the impression the formulas were transmitted to her from another dimension with input from her father.
Vicky also "received" the name through prayer and meditation. Aura refers to the electromagnetic field surrounding every person and soma is the Greek word for body.
She called the bottles her "jewels", but they are not just beautiful to look at. Vickyl believed there are literally "spirits in the bottles" and that by applying the bottles' contents to your body you can harmonize the "vibrations" of the body and bring it into balance.
After your Aura-Soma consultation the practitioner will recommend that you apply the bottles to your body in a specific order, which may not be the order you chose them in. He or she will also recommend other Aura-Soma products called Pomanders and Quintessences, which support and stimulate the effect of the oils. The Pomanders clear your aura and provide protection, and the Quintessences invite a new quality into your life.
Complement your daily Life experiences with the help of nature's powerful energies, the colours of Aura-Soma!





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